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Be a Hero

When you think of a hero who do you think of? Spiderman? Superman? A parent? A friend? Not all heroes wear capes. Heroes aren’t necessarily those saving the city or rescuing someone from a burning building. Heroes are the everyday people among us who have made our lives better. At PFP | The Family Security…

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You Can’t Predict The Future

What will tomorrow bring?  Will this be a good year?  What do the next five years look like?  These are questions many of us ask ourselves each day. If you knew what the future had in store would you live your life differently?  Maybe you would spend more time with your family, pick up a new…

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How can you take a stand with PFP | The Family Security Plan®?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month giving us, PFP | The Family Security Plan® a unique opportunity to spread our message: PFP | The Family Security Plan® Stands to Protect You! PFP | The Family Security Plan® is unlike most brands that send a similar message during October. Why? Because we help our policyholders stand up to…

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