Our Founders, Stanley Sussman and John Schmitt, II started The Family Security Plan® with the belief that affordable insurance solutions should be available to everyone. As the largest distributor of individual insurance products sold directly to credit union members, we strive to make sure everyone has a secure future.

In addition to offering affordable insurance solutions, The Family Security Plan® helps credit unions across the country thrive. We take a look at the challenges each of our credit union partners may face and we find opportunity.

We are committed to the needs of every credit union we service and its members. Working together with our credit union partners, we are able to help them reach their goals.



Our roots have been strong for nearly 50 years. The Family Security Plan® has grown to 250 team members in 17 states. We call hundreds of credit unions "partners" and 200,000 policyholders "family."



Meet our leadership team. They are passionate about our business and help drive our success. Their diverse backgrounds make each an asset to our organization. Each comes to the table with a unique perspective to help move our company forward into the future.



Our people are what set us apart. Employees at The Family Security Plan® know that what we do every day matters. We change lives, we improve futures. Come see what we are all about and why we're voted A Best Place to Work.



Helping the Communities We Serve… Building a Secure Future for All

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