Helping the Communities We Serve Building a Secure Future for All

The FSP Foundation's Mission:

To provide essential resources to help enrich the lives of children and families in our communities.

For over forty years, The Family Security Plan® has helped protect thousands of individuals, families and friends across the country with our competitive supplemental insurances. The thousands of people we work with in communities around the country have become so special to us, we wanted to do even more to support them. So, in 2016 we founded The FSP Foundation to provide us with just that opportunity... allowing us to help tomorrow's generation today.

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We hope to help build a better, brighter future for the communities we serve. This aligns perfectly with The Family Security Plan®'s mission of protecting tomorrow today.

What We Do

The FSP Foundation is run by a volunteer advisory committee comprised of The Family Security Plan® employees. Each year, the committee assesses the needs of the many communities we serve, identifying charities that will benefit children and their families. Our hope is to make a big impact on those communities today and tomorrow.

How We Are Funded

The FSP Foundation is funded through generous donations from our employees, The Family Security Plan®ownership and our business partners. Contributions to this not-for-profit organization are voluntary, and often crowd-sourced. Gifts vary in size, yet their impact is tremendous.

Who We Help

The FSP Foundation supports the type of educational, health and human service programs that will benefit children and families, building a positive and meaningful future for generations to come.


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Community Food Action

Bronx, NY September 2019 $10,000 granted to Community Food Action for elementary students to learn health, wellness, and ...

SC Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics

Orangeburg, SC September 2019 $10,625 granted to SC Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics for 50 middle school at ...

Family & Children’s Agency

Norwalk, CT July 2019 $7,500 granted to Family & Children’s Agency for the ASPIRE program. This ...