Outbound Engagement Campaigns

Active member engagement is the difference between surviving and thriving in today’s competitive marketplace as the needs and behaviors of the membership evolve. Online and mobile services have replaced face-to-face conversations and foot traffic in credit union branches, leading to less compassionate, human interactions with members.

The Family Security Plan ® can help effectively nurture your members and enhance their member experience.

Driving active member engagement is The Family Security Plan®'s specialty. We have more than 40 years of experience in partnering with credit unions to build effective outbound communication campaigns. Our full-service marketing and call center capabilities fill in the gaps when you have limited resources.

We call this program WIN. And you’ll find it’s really a win-win for your credit union!


Work together to a form a partnership where we can develop effective outbound campaign communications

Increase credit union value, member loyaly and revenue

Nurture and continue to grow your membership


We will provide the resources to speak with every member of your credit union and do the most important things: welcome them, thank them, confirm their information, reaffirm their knowledge of their current products and service, talk about their needs, and provide your credit union products as solutions.

Our customized campaign strategically targets members and increases the opportunity for overall relationship development, improved member experience and growth. Our goal is to help your credit union enhance product and services awareness, create greater member engagement by addressing member needs and to generate more income.

See why we may be the best partner in the business when it comes to engaging your members.

The Family Security Plan® offers five different ways to help promote your credit union's products and services as well as our supplemental protection products.

Employer Group Marketing


Contact Center Partnership


Email / Digital Engagement


Outbound Engagement Campaigns