Our Management Team is committed to leading our organization to success. Each leads a talented team to help drive our growth. Get to know them…


Charisse Taylor

Charisse Caraballo


Charisse - or Reece, as some people call her - is more of a cheerleader, team coach, and sometimes therapist at The Family...

Tina Curtis

Tina Curtis

VP – Compliance Officer

Tina should be called our Director of Values and Office Ninja at PFP | The Family Security Plan.® She knows our company inside and out...

Frank DeDonato

Frank DeDonato

VP – New Business

Frank - known as Frankie D. here at The Family Security Plan® - has been with us for almost 25 years now! He finds being able to build...

Terry Gottlieb

Terry Gottleib

VP, Director – Human Resources

Terry should be considered our resident Good Vibe Officer. She loves the people she works with, having fun...

Brooke Halacy

Brooke Halacy

VP – Customer Connect, Customer Solutions

Brooke drives the connection between our agents and policyholders. She is a mentor and cheerleader to...

Megan Howard

Megan Howard

VP, Manager – Project Development, Marketing, Sales Support

Megan is the manager of our Any Freakin’ Idea Department, which is exactly what Project Development does...

Lou Scigliano

Lou Scigliano

VP, Manager – Channel Development

Lou has been with us for 12 years and currently oversees our Customer Acquisition Team (CAT). A better title for him...

Fred Solivan

Fred Solivan

VP, Regional Manager – Florida

“If you believe it, you will achieve it” is a motto Fred has lived by for his nine years with the company. Fred is creative and...

Rob Tencza

Robert Tencza

VP, Manager – Business Intelligence

Rob has been with The Family Security Plan for almost 9.5 years. He is an analytical wizard who dives deep into data...

Raven Moore - AVP_MBC_with border New

Raven Moore

VP, Manager – MBC and Hybrid

Raven’s passion for people radiates through her work as she leads her team in going above and beyond for every...