Our Management Team is committed to leading our organization to success. Each leads a talented team to help drive our growth. Get to know them…



Charisse Caraballo


Charisse - or Reece, as some people call her - is more of a cheerleader, team coach, and sometimes therapist at The Family...

Tina Curtis - Resource

Tina Curtis

AVP – Resource, Compliance, Facilities

Tina should be called our Director of Values and Office Ninja at The Family Security Plan.® She knows our company...

Frank DeDonato - New Business-no border

Frank DeDonato

VP – New Business

Frank - known as Frankie D. here at The Family Security Plan® - has been with us for almost 25 years now! He finds being able to build...


Terry Gottleib

AVP, Director – Human Resources

Terry should be considered our resident Good Vibe Officer. She loves the people she works with, having fun...

Brooke Halacy - Executive_no border

Brooke Halacy

AVP, Manager – Customer Connect

Brooke drives the connection between our agents and policyholders. She is a mentor and cheerleader to...

Megan Howard - Project Development_no border

Megan Howard

AVP, Manager – Project Development, Marketing

Megan is the manager of our Any Freakin’ Idea Department, which is exactly what Project Development does...

Sharon Kearney

Sharon Kearney

VP, Director Finance, Accounting

Sharon has been crunching numbers with us for the past seven years. Everyone knows Sharon by her favorite...

Raven Moore - MBC_For Website

Raven Moore

AVP, Manager – MBC and Hybrid

Raven, or Danielle as she’s also known, has always been big on inspiring her team...

Lou Scigliano - Executive- no border

Lou Scigliano

AVP, Manager – Channel Development

Lou has been with us for 12 years and currently oversees our Customer Acquisition Team (CAT). A better title for him...

Fred Solivan

Fred Solivan

AVP, Regional Manager – FL, NC, SC

“If you believe it, you will achieve it” is a motto Fred has lived by for his nine years with the company. Fred is creative and...

Robert Tencza - BA

Robert Tencza

AVP, Manager – Business Intelligence

Rob is the manager of our Business Intelligence Department. He loves solving problems...