Contact Center Partnership

One of the biggest challenges facing a credit union is strengthening the impact its Call Center has on membership. The Family Security Plan®’s expertise shines when it comes to maximizing Call Center opportunities, engaging and building important connections with its members.

Connecting with, engaging and growing your membership – that’s the power of a partnership with
The Family Security Plan ®!

We can strengthen the impact your Call Center has on membership connections by increasing the awareness of the credit union products and services specifically addressing your members’ needs. We can impact your credit union’s future in three important ways:

Interest income through loan referrals

Morale boosting through recognition and rewards for credit union Call Center employees

Non-interest income from reimbursements

Creating an effective referral program from your Call Center, inbound calls will generate credit union loan leads and insurance sales, establishing a new channel of distribution and revenue. With this new channel, benefits will become available to a significantly wider spectrum of the membership base, enhancing/generating revenue and establishing a based profit center.

Results you can expect based upon 1,000 inbound calls to the credit union Call Center each day:

  • 7 – 8 loan leads daily

  • 5 insurance sales daily

  • $27,300 reimbursement yearly

  • Financial/individual rewards and recognition for your team

Our Approach

While we monitor performance throughout the relationship, The Family Security Plan® has developed a 120-day Implementation Process designed to specifically support your Call Center Manager. This process helps maintain momentum, consistency and, ultimately, ensure a successful program. Here is what can be expected:

30 Days Prior to Launch

  • Scheduled visit to the Call Center by The Family Security Plan® Management

  • Electronic communications (CURP newsletter and emails) motivating your Credit Union teams:

  • Education about CURP’s benefits to the membership

  • Building momentum with testimonials, stats and other related information

90 Days Post Launch

  • Scheduled weekly conference calls

  • Monthly in-person reviews

  • Contests and other initiatives to sustain results and enhance morale

  • "5 Transfers Per Day" strategy: motivation is one of the keys to long-term sustainability

The Family Security Plan® provides ongoing support to your Call Center Manager, which is key to long-term sustainability and success.

The Family Security Plan® offers five different ways to help promote your credit union's products and services as well as our supplemental protection products.

Employer Group Marketing


Contact Center Partnership


Email / Digital Engagement


Outbound Engagement Campaigns