Our founders and leaders Stanley Sussman and John C. Schmitt, II formed PFP | The Family Security Plan® and pursued their niche in the credit union market. PFP | The Family Security Plan® continues to thrive under the direction of the second generation, who have been working in the movement for over 20 years.

The executive leadership group brings extensive knowledge in both the credit union and insurance industries collectively, and they direct our team in Sales, IT, Business Development, Marketing, Training, Quality Assurance, Business Analysis and more. The teams operate in a collaborative effort to deliver on the promises made to each one of our clients.


David Sussman - Exec- noborder

David Sussman

Chief Executive Officer

David has technically been with PFP | The Family Security Plan® since he was five; that’s because David’s father, Stanley Sussman, is one...

Tim Schmitt - Exec noborder

Tim Schmitt


Tim has been with PFP | The Family Security Plan® since its inception, as his father, John Schmitt II, is one of our founders. Tim’s favorite part of his job...

John Schmitt - Exec noborder

John Schmitt

Chief Development Officer

John “Schmitty” Schmitt, one of two sons of founder John Schmitt II, has been with PFP |The Family Security Plan® for 30 years. He primarily...

Julie Knuff_no_border

Julie Knuff

Chief Operations Officer

Julie has been a driver, influencer and mentor at PFP | The Family Security Plan® for 36 years.  She served as the National Sales Director for...

Sean McGinley - Exec- noborder

Sean McGinley

Chief Strategy Officer

"Leaders don’t do what was, but do what is… what is possible or even impossible." That’s the motto Sean has lived by for his 33 years with...

Dustin Riedel - Exec noborder

Dustin Riedel


Dustin has been with PFP | The Family Security Plan® for 22 years. He oversees and is the Biggest Fan of our Sales, IT and Business...

Jim Ahrens_no_border

James Ahrens

Sr. VP – Sales, Business Development

Jim is celebrating 25 years with us! Jim feels most fulfilled by exceeding the expectations of our...

Ken Colgan_noborder

Ken Colgan

Sr. VP – Carrier Integration, Customer Care, Payment Support Services, Quality Assurance, Training

A better title for Ken would be Paradox Solution Architect. He...

Harold Holmes - Exec no border

Harold Holmes

Sr. VP - PFP National Director, Project Boost4U

Harold has been with us for 33 years, which makes him a perfect company Ambassador. He truly enjoys connecting with...


Nancy Sylvester

Sr. VP – Recruiting, Human Resources, Organizational Development

Nancy has been helping connect top talent to our organization for the last 20 years, so a better...

Frank Taddeo - Exec noborder

Frank Taddeo

Sr. VP – New Business

For 34 years Frank has been connecting credit unions to PFP | The Family Security Plan®. Frank enjoys interacting with people and through...

Johnnette White - Exec noborder

Johnnette White

Sr. VP, Regional Manager – MCU, MD, DC

Johnnette, or Johnnie as she prefers to be called, enjoys helping develop and drive her teams goals. She considers herself...