Email/Digital Engagement

Your credit union's power to connect, engage and grow will depend on consistent messaging and utilizing the best marketing technology to promote your products and services.

Let The Family Security Plan®’s Marketing Team enhance your digital platform with proven strategies to build relationships with your members. By creating digital and traditional materials with relevant content and coordinated landing experiences, we can strengthen engagement with members, providing more awareness of credit union products and services, as well as, The Family Security Plan® portfolio of supplemental insurance products.

This engagement opens new lines of communication, providing opportunities to speak with members and strengthen the bond with them.


Digital marketing is a turnkey process that strengthens your bond with members and connects them to your products and services. Our process is simple:

Step 1

Strategize: The Family Security Plan® creates digital and traditional collateral with content that matters. These are all delivered with complimentary web experiences.

Step 2

Connect: We work with you to identify and produce the best materials to communicate with your members (e.g. emails, banners, web presences, lobby screens, statement stuffers, table tops, etc.).

Step 3

Engage: With a deliberate plan in place, we connect with members, making them aware of the additional benefits available to them and their family via The Family Security Plan® product line.

Our library of digital and print marketing pieces advertises the benefits of our plans, including a no cost “thank you” featured in our Connect2Protect program. This offer, called the Private Passenger Accident Plan, is broadcast to the credit union community as a “gift” from the credit union. The plan will pay $240 each day, up to 30 days, a member is in the hospital due to a private passenger automobile accident and it comes at no cost to them.

Offering this protection at no cost has successfully proven via other credit unions, that loyalty perceptions with the credit union are increased and that it opens a new avenue of connection with, opportunities to speak with members about a variety of products and services available to them. The ultimate goal through all this is to engage and protect your membership, while increasing reimbursement to the credit union.

Let us help launch your digital marketing platform today!

The Family Security Plan® offers five different ways to help promote your credit union's products and services as well as our supplemental protection products.

Employer Group Marketing


Contact Center Partnership


Email / Digital Engagement


Outbound Engagement Campaigns