Happy Movember! Bringing Awareness to Men’s Health

Make sure to visit your doctor for regular check-ups to watch for preventable diseases.

What is Movember?

The Movember Foundation had declared the month of November as “Movember” in a global effort to raise awareness on men’s health issues.

Since 2003, over 5 million men and women around the world have joined in the movement. Over $1.3 billion dollars has been raised, funding 1,320 men’s health projects, and changing the face of men’s health.

Why is it so important to dedicate time to raise awareness regarding men’s health?

Men will die on average 4.5 years earlier than women, and for reasons that are preventable.

Participate in Movember

By participating in Movember, you’re not just growing a mustache – you’re savings lives. Your efforts contribute to groundbreaking research, innovating programs, and support services that improve the lives of men affected by cancer and mental health issues.

Get involved!

Grow Your Mustache

Raise Funds

Spread the Word

Host Events

We are here for you!

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To find more information on men’s health issues and how you can join the movement, please visit: http://us.movember.com/?home.