Moving UP: The Role of The Family Caregiver

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When the calls started coming in that Dad just “wasn’t right” and Mom didn’t know what to do, I knew I had to start making plans for an extended visit to Georgia.  Little did I know, it would turn into a permanent move to care for my parents.

When I got there a few weeks later, the situation was dreadful.  Dad had suffered a stroke and, even though he was up and around, you could see it in his face and he had weakness in one arm.   Then began the round of doctor’s visits, a diagnosis and the new direction my life would take.   Dad’s stroke had brought on Parkinson’s disease.  He and Mom would need a lot of caring to sort through doctors, medications and work on a plan of rehabilitation.  I knew in my heart I had to be there for them.

Well saving for life’s uncertainties had been part of my planning and my credit union savings plan made the move easier.   Luckily for me, the company I worked for as a structural physical therapist had a branch 20 miles from their home.   I put in for a transfer, got it, and my wife, myself and her two children headed south to Georgia.

Dad needed a lot of attention.   My training paid off and although Dad had become sedentary, I was able to get him to use his legs and go out for a walk.   It gave Mom something to do as they walked their neighborhood together.   But then I had to make accommodations for her.

In this case the primary caregiver needed care.   It became my Wednesday’s off to be with Dad so Mom could go out and socialize.   In the desire to solve problems for the one needing care, we sometimes overlook the needs of the caregiver. It was once again time to plan.   My credit union became my go-to resource center.   I took out an auto loan and purchased a life insurance policy from PFP | The Family Security Plan®.   As the primary support for this extended family, I had to protect the income that they would need if something happened to me.

You might ask if I would do it again.   To me, there was no choice.  I faced the situation because my parents had moved away from our original home town.   My Dad had always told me how being independent was so important to him.  I had to do everything possible for him to keep his dignity and maintain his independence.   It’s a difficult challenge but I know I’m not alone.   My wife and her children have pitched right in and PFP | The Family Security Plan® life insurance policy provides me with immense peace of mind.

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Written By: Janice Sussman