Live The Life You Love. Love The Life You Live.

Life, Live

Live. Life. Love



Live the life you love. Love the life you live. These two statements look very similar but do they hold the same meaning? These two statements have been going through my mind a lot over this past week as my family and I mourned the loss, and celebrated the life, of my uncle.

Live the Life You Love 

Life throws us challenges but, ultimately, it is up to each one of us to live a life we love.

My uncle did just that. He battled through a life of health issues, money never came easy, and we all know the challenges of raising one teenager, imagine six! Despite that, he pushed through, not a complaint uttered. As we celebrated his life this week, I thought to myself, “wow, he really did live the life he loved”.

My uncle:

  • A proud veteran of the US Marines
  • Cherished every moment with his six children and loved his wife to the moon and back
  • Always had a joke to tell (and they were funny!)
  • Enjoyed simplicity; camping and spending his days sunbathing at the lake in New Hampshire were all the vacation he needed
  • Lived a life of selflessness; his door was always open and whatever he could give, he would
  • Proudly took the name “Big Pop” from his grandchildren

I would say with confidence he lived the life he loved.

Love the Life You Live

When I think of loving the life you live, I think not only of finding joy but also nurturing the life you were given:

  • Take care of your body physically: eat right, sleep, exercise
  • Mind your mind: combat stress, embrace the positive, don’t stop learning
  • Protect your identity and your finances: safeguard your personal information, save, pay yourself first, plan for retirement, manage debt, insure your future
  • Nurture your soul: whatever your beliefs may be, believe with all your heart

He lived the life he loved and loved the life he lived. Our family was able to honor my uncle’s legacy in a fashion only suitable for Big Pop.

Are you living the life you love and loving the life you live?

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Written By: Amanda (Finn) Keefe