The Definition of Uplift? To Make (someone) Happy or Hopeful


The definition of uplift? To make (someone) happy or hopeful.

To lift (something) up : to raise (something) to a higher position.

Think about that. Isn’t it something that we all want out of life? We live in fast times. The age of the internet, the pace of technology, pushing us faster and further every single minute of every day. That in itself, can be deemed as uplifting.

But what about the simple things? 

Every day we witness moments in time that, if thought about, are the true meaning of “uplift”.

I’ll bet many parents can relate to this. My son struggles in school. Grades don’t come easy to him. Starting to feel the pressure of difficult algebra equations and the meaning of chloroplasts he faced some challenging assignments. So he worked.  And he worked hard. I watched as he stayed after school and missed time with his friends. Gave up the fun and dug in. And when he received his mid-semester progress report? All A’s? No. But he felt good about the hard work that he put in. It was motivating. Rewarding. Uplifting.

I witnessed a 71 year old man receive his black belt in Taekwondo this past weekend. At the start of this 4 hour testing event, every student lined up, and the Master called out the students name and age. Christopher, 12 years old, Jorge,16 years old. Emily, 8 years old. Stan, 71 years old.  Taken on a dare, this man decided to embark on a three year journey to earn the coveted accomplishment of becoming a black belt. His acceptance speech to the Master was humbling. Touching. Inspiring. Uplifting.

Yes, every day we witness moments. Heck, even our dogs can experience the feeling of being “uplifted”. I know if I say “cookie” or “ball”, my dogs are uplifted!

We are here to give you that uplift. Please continue to connect with us and share with us your stories of uplift.

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Written By: Tara Raucci