Life Insurance Is Not An Investment . . . It Is A Necessity

Many question why whole life insurance is a good investment. PFP | The Family Security Plan® does not provide insurance as an investment; instead, it is a necessity. There is no other financial tool that can create instant cash for your beneficiary in the event that the unexpected happens.

When it comes to whole life insurance, the options are plentiful. Why then should you choose PFP | The Family Security Plan®?


Low Cost. The program has affordable, flexible payment plans.

A Permanent Plan. The premiums will never increase and the policy will never be canceled unless the member chooses to do so.

Flexible. Personal consultations with Family Security Plan® Representatives result in a program geared toward the policyholder’s family needs.

Convenient. Through payroll deduction, direct deposit & debit funding systems, policyholders have an easy a systematic way to pay for coverage within their present budget. Deductions begin within two to six weeks. Unlike traditional insurance plans, there is no need to write checks for large amounts to cover up front, first quarter premiums.

Portable. If the policyholder is no longer eligible for payroll deduction or direct deposit due to a change in job or physical location, can continue through a direct bill system.

No Physical Exam Required. Traditional insurance requires proof of good health for insurability; however, with The Family Security Plan®, the applicant does not need to complete a physical examination. Just a few simple medical questions will be asked.

Additional Financial Benefits. Cash values increase yearly at a guaranteed interest rate. The accumulated cash value is available to policyholders, not only at retirement, but along the way.

The question is no longer why would you choose The Family Security Plan® but why wouldn’t you?


We Can Help You and Your Family:

Let us help provide peace of mind for your family. For more information on whole life, insurance contact The Family Security Plan® at: or call 855-818-0955 to speak with a dedicated Family Security Plan Representative.

Written By: Amanda Keefe