When is “Positivity” Annoying?

It is in their body language.
It can be seen in the ‘roll’ of their eyes.
It can be heard behind the scenes in private conversations.
In an honest, safe moment, it will be told directly to you.

“You are so positive, I want to throw up. The world is not Anthony Robbins, Mary Poppins, Hakuna Matata. Please, just shut up!”

I completely understand that. Sometimes I find myself in the middle of a positive pep talk, thinking that I have completely lost the person with whom I am speaking. In addition, I too have found myself nauseated by some people who are simply outrageously positive when my mindset is the polar opposite of theirs. 

What is this all about? How should a positive person present him/herself? Is there any way for my positive mental attitude (PMA) to “turn that frown upside down?” How can I motivate and inspire a diverse group of people, regardless of their mindset?  

Let us be perfectly clear. Our mindset is a personal choice. Our approach is not written in stone. Passion in one direction or the other takes significant energy. It is up to each one of us to point that energy in a positive or negative direction. Sometimes we don’t need any help to present a positive mindset. Sometimes, motivation can come from a quote, phrase, talk or presentation. Sometimes, there is no outside influence in the world that will make a difference in how someone feels about something.

Your ability or success in changing the attitude of another starts with their willingness to be inspired and ends with their location on the “positivity continuum” as it relates to your starting point on that same continuum.

If there is too much distance between those involved, the chances of reaching that person, inspiring them and motivating them to change their mindset is extremely slim. In these cases, when I’m trying to motivate and inspire a change in your mindset, I will come across as preaching, selling, and simply annoying you. Your mind would remain closed and the positive energy will not influence you.  

When I start out closer to you, demonstrate empathy, understanding and compassion, I have a greater chance to open your mind and create a path for potential influence and inspiration. When I find a way to connect and build trust with you, I can show you that the road towards a different mindset is not a long one. It is not a tremendous departure from where you are, and can be accomplished by taking small steps. That is when I know I have been effective and impactful. My motivation and willingness to share my positive mental attitude will not be in vain. You will, very possibly, move your mindset in a more positive direction.

Once the individual with a negative mindset spends time farther down the positivity continuum towards 100%, they will have a choice: to remain there, return towards the negative side of the continuum, or possibly move farther along the path towards 100% positivity. It is necessary to allow each individual to crawl first, walk second, and then run towards a new mindset.

You’ve got this!  You are awesome and I believe in you!