Parenting A Child With A Disability – How Life Insurance Can Help Your Family

Parenting a child with a disability can be a difficult, demanding and confusing job. It is a role filled with triumphs, joys and immense satisfaction. As a mother raising three young adults, I know how important the family unit is to their development. Family is our most fundamental social institution where all individuals, whether disabled or not, are socialized, educated and nurtured into adulthood.

For those of us raising exceptional children, we are faced with additional challenges. As our disabled children transition into adulthood, the question of financial support becomes a big one if they are unable to live independently on their own. Who will be there to support them if left alone? This is perhaps one of the most uncomfortable discussions families with disabled children must deal with. The good news is there are solutions and support services available. Staying informed and setting up a plan is key.

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Daydreaming thoughts from a Mom . . .

More than once during the past twenty years since our daughter was born with special needs. I have a daydreamed about what she might have been like if only things were “normal”.

Would she like to read as much as her mom does? Would she have been as athletic as her dad? Would she have enjoyed riding a bike or jogging? What would her first boyfriend have been like? Would she be married?

Daydreaming is a diversion that I have often taken. Our lives have been filled with memories of doctors, speech therapists, occupational therapists, special education teachers, job coaches, and other advocates who value the dignity and rights of the disabled. Those were our partners in raising our daughter and helping us prepare for the future. Once our lives had irrevocably gone in a direction we had not expected, we needed to focus on working with our advocates to make a financial and life plan for our daughter’s future.

woman in wheelchair enjoying summer vacation on the beachOne of the most important steps we took was contacting our insurance adviser. He was familiar with special needs planning and was able to give us advice on how life insurance can be used to provide income to our daughter after we are gone. Setting up an appropriate plan takes both legal and financial planning. Life insurance an important part of the foundation of your family’s plan. It gave us so much comfort to know that our daughter will be secure financially after my husband and I are no longer here to physically take care of her.

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Written By: Robin Fox, RHU, CSA