How to Get More Out of the Hours in Your Day

How to get more out of the hours in your day

With the end of the year upon us and an endless list of to-dos, how can we find the time to get it all done? There is shopping, wrapping, cooking, parties, plus all of our regular to-dos.  How do you make time for it all and still keep your sanity?

Making a list sounds like a no-brainer but it’s something a lot of us forget to do.

Sit down on Sunday before your week begins and write down everything you need to accomplish. Set reminders for yourself throughout the week on your phone. Making a list will not only help you tackle all of your tasks, it will keep you organized and take some of the stress off.

Don’t attend every party you are invited to.

Saying no is okay, especially if it’s something you really don’t want to do. Everyone understands the holidays are a busy time of year and they don’t expect everyone they invite to be able to attend.

Many of us have the “I can get it done faster myself,” mentality.

But when you are so busy you can’t rest it’s time to delegate. Often times the people closest to you WANT to help you, let them. Start giving your spouse or partner some of your to-dos. You can even involve the kids. Have wrapping or house cleaning to do? Let the kids help.

Finally, avoid interruptions.

Set aside a few hours every day or a couple times a week to get your list done and only focus on your list. Turn off the TV, hide your phone and get rid of any other distraction. You will find you finish your to-dos in a much more timely fashion without the constant stopping and starting.

It can be hard to enjoy this time of year when you feel like you don’t stop to take a breath. But with some organization and planning you can get more out of the hours in your day.

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