Family & Children’s Agency

Norwalk, CT July 2019

$7,500 granted to Family & Children’s Agency for the ASPIRE program. This is a summer enrichment program that
disproportionately impacts low-income high school students. ASPIRE works to ensure all students graduate high school, are college
ready, or are career ready by offering tutoring, case management and academic monitoring for all students, college prep, and parent engagement.

The program has been strengthened by offering more classes to consistently engage high school students in the variety of opportunities available to them. Guidance counselors work with incoming freshman to support their successful transition into high school. Further, the program offers academically focused interventions for high school students who are below a C+ in any core subject area, college/career readiness workshops, and on-going case management.

Finally, high school students are invited to formally apply and interview for two internship slots at a local business. All activities for high school youth throughout the summer use a whole student approach, promoting academic learning as well as social-emotional asset building.

“Thank you to The FSP Foundation! Your support of Family & Children’s Agency’s ASPIRE program, which helps students overcome the opportunity gap through quality after-school and summer programs, will make a real difference in the lives of young people.”
~Robert F. Cashel, President & CEO, Family & Children’s Agency