Be the Best “You” You Can Be!



Never underestimate the value of a good quote. Eleanor Roosevelt once said,

“No one can make you feel inferior with your consent.”

Although I have heard it dozens of times, it always seems to ring truer when I’m feeling particularly pessimistic.

A few years ago, I felt I was at my lowest point. The company I worked for had closed and I found myself without a full-time job. My car was on its last leg and I desperately needed a new one. I had been fighting with my boyfriend, my friends and my family almost nonstop. It just seemed like everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. I felt like the biggest loser in the world.

After about a year of feeling sorry for myself, I realized that I was the only one who could change my situation. Within a few months, I had a new job, a new pre-owned car and my relationships were back to a healthy state. I was able to change my entire outlook after three simple realizations.

Embrace Change.

I had always dreaded change. I was generally content with the status quo, and change meant adapting to a new circumstance. I realized that while change had gotten me into this rut I was in, it was also the only way I was going to get out. The status quo was no longer working for me. I had to change. Once I came to that realization, my circumstances began to improve.

Talk to someone.

I am well-known in my family to be a bottler in regards to my negative emotions, assuming no one wants to hear about my pain or frustration. Unfortunately, all that does is push me further and further down. That year was no exception. I pretended that each job rejection didn’t bother me too much, or that the fight I had with my sister (again) was no big deal. But eventually, I couldn’t keep quiet any longer. I sat down with my best friend and just poured my heart out to her. She listened while I cried and sobbed about every failure I had experienced over the past year. And when I was done, I felt so much lighter and more optimistic about my future.

Remember that you are awesome.

Once I made my initial realization that I was the only one who could change my life, I started focusing on the positive aspects of my life instead of dwelling on the negative ones. I am a talented and educated woman with a great group of friends and a wonderful, supportive family. I am friendly, supportive and hard-working. And then it hit me. I am awesome!


The next time you are feeling critical of yourself, your life or your circumstances, take my advice and look for a quote that inspires you! As Steven Izen said,

“Sometimes you’re on top of the world. Stay humble. Sometimes you’ve hit a low. Stay hopeful.”



Written By: Sarah Way