SC Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics

Orangeburg, SC September 2019

$10,625 granted to SC Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics for 50 middle school at risk children to attend a summer camp for two weeks to learn science, engineering, and robotics. Next Generation is a computer science and robotics camp, students program electrical circuits, fabricate memory mastery games and lie detectors, learn to read electrical schematics, cipher coding, study wireless communication and the Internet. Working in teams, participants grow their critical thinking and technical knowledge while also developing communication, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. The last day of camp, students showcase what they’ve learned to design the iTEAMS 2019 Smart Home and program automated lights, motion sensor security systems, door and window sensors.

CREATEng is an engineering camp. Students take on the role of NASA engineers charged with the mission of developing a sustainable colony on Mars. They learn the principles of engineering design, how to identify the best solutions to assigned challenges, and the importance of teamwork and communication while practicing civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering. A field trip to a local engineering or manufacturing facility and a guest speaker who talks about real-world engineering.