Community Food Action

Bronx, NY September 2019

$10,000 granted to Community Food Action for elementary students to learn health, wellness, and nutrition programs.

The habits that children form when they are young continue into adulthood. By exposing children to a varied diet at a young age through cooking and gardening, they gain positive attitudes about fresh foods that can last a lifetime. Community Food Action, a food justice program of the community-based organization New Settlement Apartments, is doing just that in two Bronx elementary schools through the support of the FSP Foundation. As a result of embedding hands-on cooking and gardening into rigorous academics, students gain knowledge and skills to prepare meals from scratch. The project improves and promotes school meals, increasing consumption of nutritious food for students up to three times a day. Finally, Community Food Action is engaging students and families as change makers in their own schools.

Community Food Action is executing the following:

  • Prepare and implement an action plan focused on hands-on learning, healthy school meals, and building a school-wide culture of health.
  • Reach 900 students annually through healthier meals and tastings
  • Teach 160 students for 10 hours each school year, resulting in improved knowledge and attitudes about vegetables
  • Students, parents, and teachers contribute to the vision and implementation of a healthier school community.

“Community Food Action is thrilled to have received the generous support of the FSP Foundation to allow us to deepen and amplify
our well-established efforts to build school-wide cultures of health in the Bronx. Our partnership with the FSP Foundation is an ideal fit,
given their long-time dedication to children and families in communities like ours.”
~Taisy Conk, Program Director, Community Food Action at New Settlement Apartments