You Can’t Predict The Future

fortuneWhat will tomorrow bring?  Will this be a good year?  What do the next five years look like?  These are questions many of us ask ourselves each day.

If you knew what the future had in store would you live your life differently?  Maybe you would spend more time with your family, pick up a new hobby or finally travel to that one place you have always wanted to see.  If we could see the future I’m sure many of us wouldn’t take so many things for granted and we would probably have more appreciation for the little things in life.

If we looked into the future perhaps we would see a new addition to our families or a long awaited promotion.  We could see all the happy celebrations and exciting milestones in our lives.

But seeing the future could be a Catch-22.  There are some things I wouldn’t want to know, but I would want to be assured that my loved ones would always be taken care of.  I would want to know that if something happened to me, my husband would not be left in debt.  I would not want my family to be left with the burden of paying my final expenses.

Unfortunately, we can’t predict the future.  Luckily, PFP | The Family Security Plan® can help you prepare for it.  Insurance lets you know that no matter what the future holds, everything will be okay.  Whole Life Insurance with PFP | The Family Security Plan® will provide your family with the income they need for final expenses.  They will be able to maintain their lifestyle even though there is a loss of income.  You will not have to worry about your spouse defaulting on the mortgage or your child not being able to afford higher education.

PFP | The Family Security Plan® will help you get through the ups and the downs.  You can go into tomorrow knowing that we are here for you, no matter what.

Written by Kristina Wendell

We believe in being here for you!

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