Why Accident Insurance?

It’s happened to everyone: you slip on the ice, or trip on a toy, or get in a car accident. Luckily, most are minor and can usually be fixed with a bandage or a soothing word. But what about those not-so-minor accidents and the bills that come with them? That’s where Accident Insurance can help.

What is Accident Insurance Plus?

Accident Insurance Plus helps with medical and out-of-pocket expenses associated with an accidental injury, whether it’s an ambulance ride after a car accident, or a broken leg from last weekend’s soccer game. It pays cash benefits directly to you for a variety of services such as ambulance rides, hospital admission and fractures.

Why do I need Accident Insurance Plus?

Having a plan to help pay the medical costs of an accident will help you recover without the financial worry which means you can get back on your feet and continue doing what you love!

What is covered?*

Accident Insurance Plus coverage pays for:

  • Initial care such as ambulance rides and emergency room visits
  • Injuries such as burns, lacerations and fractures
  • Treatment such as surgery and x-rays
  • Facility care such as hospital and ICU admission
  • Follow-up care such as rehabilitation admission and confinement

It also includes $100 for your first accident.

What are you waiting for?

Even with good medical coverage, accidents can be a huge burden on your wallet. Speak to a PFP | The Family Security Plan® Rep today and protect yourself with Accident Insurance Plus.

Written by Sarah Way

*See your policy for a complete list of covered services.


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