Who does your heart beat for?

heartbeatIf you were asked “who does your heart beat for” what would your answer be? Your child? Your spouse? Your parents?

Love is so more than a simple emotion. It’s all the little things you do each and every day for your loved ones:

  • The care you take making your child’s lunch in the morning (with no crusts, please!)
  • The extra time at the supermarket picking out the perfect birthday card for your spouse
  • The patience you show your parents as they ask how to take a picture on their phone

There are so many ways you can show you care. Think, again, of those you love. If something happened to you, what would they do? Would they be able to maintain their current lifestyle? Or would financial worries add to their stress during an already difficult time?

With supplemental insurance from PFP | The Family Security Plan®, your family will have protection and support during those times of financial stress. Whether it’s an injury, an illness or an untimely death, PFP | The Family Security Plan® can make sure your loved ones are covered.

Written by Sarah Way

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