When Health Insurance Isn’t Enough: High Deductibles Empty Your Wallet

Everyone is talking about it. And it could happen to you too…Let’s say you get injured this weekend playing sports, exercising or fixing your home/apartment.  Even worse, your family was so concerned and it looked so “bad” that you needed to go to the emergency room in an ambulance.  It was great to know that your injuries were not life threatening.  However, now that the scary ordeal is over, it is time for you to look around and think about how much everything just cost you.  Do you have the money to pay the bills that are sure to end up in your mailbox?

  • Hospital Bills
  • Doctor Bills
  • Ambulance Bill
  • Physical Therapy Bills
  • Medical Appliance Bills
  • Follow up Doctor’s Bill

Couple_MedicalBillsRemember that medical plan you purchased from your state Exchange?  How much will it pay as your bills are submitted? Do you have a high deductible? How much will you have to pay out of your own pocket?

Double check the required deductible in your plan.  For millions, the deductible has skyrocketed through the roof and could very well be thousands of dollars.  And now that you have had an accident and needed admission into the hospital, you can be sure that is exactly what you will need to pay…thousands of dollars.

However, more people are now considering the benefits of Accident Insurance than ever before.  And this is why:  There is a schedule of benefits (payments to you) that are available to a covered individual when injuries occur that require initial care and follow-up care.

One example (amounts may vary by state) would pay up to $4,250 for the following:

  • Ambulance to the hospital
  • Admission to the hospital
  • Initial doctors visit
  • Diagnosis of a “closed reduction” fracture
  • Crutches
  • Transportation to your physical therapy sessions
  • 6 Physical Therapy visits
  • Follow-up treatment

Now once again, please confirm the amount of your required deductible under Obamacare’s state exchange that you purchased.  If you would like to discuss the possibilities of purchasing supplemental insurance products that are customized to meet your needs, make sure you reach out to a PFP | The Family Security Plan® adviser who is a licensed professional ready to learn about your needs and inform you of your options.

We believe in being here for you!

We recognize that accidents happen. Our Accident Insurance gives people just like you the ability to pay for any unexpected expenses that result from accidents. For more information about Accident Insurance from PFP | The Family Security Plan®, visit our Accident Insurance page or call 855-789-4976 to speak with a dedicated PFP | The Family Security Plan® Representative.

Written By: David J. Sussman Esq. CLU