The Importance of Accurate Contact Information: When Was the Last Time You Updated?


We are in a new era of communication!

Whether running into the local market, shopping online, or depositing your paycheck at your bank or credit union, we interact with businesses on a daily basis.

There is a difference between what we interpret as good and as bad communication from the companies with whom we do business. Take for example the (after 8pm) phone call from a telemarketer or an inbox full of companies peddling products that have no potential value to our lives. Is avoiding giving out your email address and phone number the best strategy to avoid receiving these types of communication, or is this, perhaps, going too far. What about those companies that you know, trust, and value? What about your financial institution?

Many consumers feel as if they would like to receive communications from their financial institution or insurance programs. These messages are created to add value in terms of financial education and announcements of products or services by helping us make informed decisions on how to best secure our financial futures.  Without accurate and updated contact information, these valued messages from your bank or credit union will be lost.

Consider this:

  • Someone has fraudulently used your credit card, but the company is unable to reach you by phone.
  • You missed a payment on your insurance program, yet the company only has a home address on file to try to inform you of the possibility of a lapse.
  • Your primary financial institution has the perfect product to meet your needs, but the information they have on file for you is out-of-date. You may be missing out on a great opportunity.

There are countless examples of lost opportunities by us, the consumer, because our key relationships do not have a good way to get in contact with us. When was the last time you updated your contact information at these key places:

  • All family doctors
  • Your financial institutions
  • Your insurance companies (Auto/Homeowners, Life, Health and Disability, Critical Illness and Accident Insurance)

We, at PFP | The Family Security Plan®, provide insurance products to hundreds of thousands of individuals, welcoming their families into ours. Being able to communicate with our consumer is, not only important to us, but to our policyholder. There are several different occasions in which we reach out to our policyholders. Perhaps it’s your anniversary with us and we want to thank you for your continued business and conduct an annual review of your customized program. There could be a billing issue; it is important that we are able to resolve those with you in the shortest time frame possible. No matter what the event, doesn’t it feel good just to know your insurance company is looking out for you?

Let us launch a personal initiative to update our essential profiles!

We are here for you!

PFP | The Family Security Plan® has been working in the credit union movement since 1973 and remains committed today to unite the nationwide community by bringing valuable information about the lives of over 400,000 credit union members who know us, like us and trust us to provide them and their families the foundation for a secure future.

Let us help provide peace of mind for your family. For more information on PFP | The Family Security Plan® portfolio of supplemental insurance products, visit our product page or call 855-789-4976 to speak with a dedicated PFP | Family Security Plan® Representative.