The Heroes Around Us

By: David Sussman, CEO, PFP | The Family Security Plan®

Where are our heroes? Can you see them? What do they look like? Did your mind go to Captain America, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Hulk, Black Widow, Iron Man, Gamora, Spider Man or Thor?

Maybe you thought of the greatest heroes of our time: law enforcement, firefighters, first responders, or those who literally fight to maintain the freedom, values and the rights of all people here in the US and around the globe?

Heroes possess two qualities: strength and courage. And then, they all have something in common, THEY ‘DO’!

However, not all heroes wear capes.

Let’s ask ourselves the above questions again and this time, let us take a look a little closer. Let’s look in and around our community, the communities where we live, work and where we came from.

I am thinking now of PFP, the company in which I have grown. I love what we do, I love whom we help and I love the industry in which we operate.  With nearly 300 teammates working together, there are many who have strength, courage and then DO.  I am going to highlight one special group.  They volunteer to manage the FSP Foundation, PFP’s not for profit organization that raises money to help families in need in and around the credit union communities in which we serve. Harold Holmes, Matt Ziino, Marianne McKenna, Tara Raucci, Susann Platt, Alishia Palmer, Amanda Sims, Taren DellaMonica, and Toni Boulay all hold voluntary Board positions and have distributed $151,525 in grants throughout the country over the past 3 years.  Today, they are my heroes.  And I know, to many people whose names will be unknown, the PFP heroes in the FSP Foundation helped “save the day.”

Your credit union, your company or your community has someone (or a group of people) who is (are) a hero as well. I see them every day on LinkedIn with hashtags like #creditunion #giveback #community #givebig #charity. Post after post. They stand together smiling as they deliver goodness throughout the movement. They work tirelessly on something outside their day-to-day roles. They are the committee who did something special in the community. They are the group who set up and ran the charity golf outing, the bake sale or the car wash. They help individual members, one at a time, in dozens of different ways. 

Each hero out there in the world is special.

Perhaps you can take the time to call one out here, on this blog, and thank them. Let them know the kind of courage it takes to rise up and do what is necessary to help others. Let them know about the strength it takes to lift someone up in their time of need. Let them appreciate the fact that you see them “DO” something to make our community a better place.

While heroes never act with the expectation of anything in return, our sincere gratitude may serve as a token of our appreciation, which is well deserved.

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