Rafael Hernandez Elementary School

Newark, NJ May 2017

$7,500 granted to Rafael Hernandez Elementary School in Newark, New Jersey. They have 769 students with a large bilingual and special needs population.

Raphael Hernandez School is collaborating with Halls that Inspire, a nonprofit organization that paints murals with the children on the halls in their school. Inspirational messages and paintings will adorn the hallways of this school. Every student will participate in this event over 10 weeks, whether it is during school, after school program, or with paint nights that include the families of the students.

Program impact:

  • Instill pride in students
  • Serves at a source of inspiration
  • Unites all students through the universal language of art
  • Creates a safe and stimulating environment for special needs
  • School becomes a place of safety and comfort


“Thank you for making our project come to life. This is so awesome!”
~ Maria Jara, Teacher

“You’ve been an amazing supporter of our project and I’m sure Rafael Hernandez feels the same if not more!”
~ David Thompson, Founder, Halls that Inspire