Play Ball! Keeping Your Young Athlete Safe

Young Boys In Baseball TeamSpring & summer sports seasons are upon us and what’s more fun than going to watch your little leaguers at the ball park?

As the weather warms and the school year wraps up, kids want to get outside and be active! Whether they are at camp, playing home-run derby with neighborhood kids, or participating in a recreational sport, as parents, the one thing we think about is their safety.

Startling statistics show that every 25 seconds, a child in the United States visits the emergency room for a sports related injury – that’s over 1.35 million ER visits per year! (2013,

How can you take preventative measures to ensure your child is not a statistic?

  1. Make sure your athlete’s coaches have a copy of all emergency contact information in the event of an injury on the field.
  2. Schedule a physical for your child prior to participation – this can alert you to any medical conditions that may put your child at risk. If any conditions are present, please consider whether participation is in the best interest of your child and or have a conversation with coaches in advance.
  3. Keep them hydrated! Make sure you send plenty of water or sports beverages high in electrolytes. Talk to them about the importance of keeping hydrated.
  4. Know the signs and symptoms of a concussion. Don’t take any chances; if you believe your child may have suffered a concussion seek the advice of a medical professional
  5. Make sure you outfit your athlete with the appropriate safety gear for their sport (shin guards, helmet, mouth guards, cleats, etc.)
  6. Let your kids know it is okay for them to talk to their coaches if they are feeling any pain or think they may have suffered an injury.
  7. Don’t let them overdo it! Rest is just as important as staying active. It is recommended that children have at least two days off per week and get plenty of rest after a day of activity.
  8. Be aware of the temperature. Use your discretion when it comes to participating in play during extreme heat. Always pack sunscreen in their sports bag.
  9. Prevent re-injury. In the event that your child suffers from a sports related injury, follow the instructions of your medical care provider to lessen the chance of aggravating a prior injury.
  10. Most importantly . . . have fun!

As parents, it is our responsibility to take all precautions when it comes to our children’s safety; however, we all realize that accidents happen and, more times than not, are very costly. Do you have a financial plan in place in the event of an accident that leaves your child injured and your hospital bills high?

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Written By: Amanda Keefe