(Part II) Develop Personal Insurance by Investing in Yourself: Millennials share their stories.

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In Part I of this II part series, we met Sarah, a Millennial who realized the importance of Personal Insurance.

Personal insurance is unlike any other form of insurance! It is not something you can get through your credit union or an insurance agent. Personal insurance is an investment you make in yourself to protect your future!

Now let’s Meet Amanda:

A few years back, I had a great job lined up out of college. I was fulfilled, making an income that I could live on and building up my experience in the field.

Until the day the company had to close down . . .

It was time for me to make a plan (a plan of personal insurance):

Education is one of your most valuable assets. The first step, for me, was to roll up my sleeves with a part-time job in daycare while attending night classes for my MBA. Sure, the year was hectic working to put myself through a 1 year MBA program but the value-added was immeasurable.

The importance of saving was instilled in me at a young age by my grandfather. Whether it was birthday money or a paycheck, I always paid myself first. Although I was not able to accrue my millions by the time I was 28 years old, I had a financial foundation, an insurance, to fall back on.

A Support System. Having a strong support system was, in my case, vital. I moved back home to save money while going to school and had the emotional backing of my family and friends when the future seemed bleak and ambiguous.

The flame inside. It was a flame of determination; I would not let a struggling economy and job market bring me down. Instead, I was fueled to push on, gain knowledge and life experience that would make me marketable when the opportunity arose. Adversity did not leave me in the dark; instead, it ignited the flame that kept me going.

The personal insurance that I provided myself, kept my head above water until a new opportunity arose. These insurances put me on a career path that would provide me with the financial stability I needed, the education to perform a job at the highest of standards, and the inner strength that would forever stay with me.

Take the time to create your own personal insurance. Whether it’s going back to school, reading a book or following a tutorial, investing in yourself is one of the best things you can do to gain the confidence and security of personal insurance. You insure your home, car, health and your life, why not your future?

Written by: Sarah Way & Amanda Finn