Own Your Own Uniqueness: Here’s To Living The Best Life Ever!

Zebras close upAre you a woman who has reached mid life and now you are suddenly thinking where did the time go to? From getting through school, to getting married, to having children, to getting divorced or widowed, to taking care of your parents. No one would disagree that women go through lots of challenges and transitions.  A woman needs strength and persistence to get through the vast array of life events. Each of us is unique in our own way striving to live the best life possible.

In her book Prime Time Women, Marti Barletta calls today’s women aged 50 to 75 years old as “the healthiest , wealthiest, most educated, active and influential generation of women in history” She says, the research indicates that a women in their  50’s and 60’s are the happiest years of their lives! Today’s women are far from over the hill. They are standing firmly on the mountain.

So how can a woman make the most of her prime time years?

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Own Your Uniqueness– You are unique in every way. Just like each Zebra in the wild has its own strip pattern- no two are alike. So are we. Unique! The human lesson we can learn is to love the skin we are in. Appreciate your uniqueness and  individuality.

2. Follow Your Passion– Remember to surround yourself with the things you love to do.  Keep your mind active and learn new things.

3. Take Responsibility For Your Happiness. Have faith in yourself and trust your wisdom.

4. Live in the Present– Forget about what bothered you in your past.  Move on and look forward to tomorrow.

5. Remember It’s Never Too Late – Don’t let thoughts about your age enter in your head.  Who says you can’t start a new job or business at age 60 or climb a mountain at 80?

6. Don’t be overwhelmed with new challenges. Take small steps towards your goals. Slow and steady wins the race.

7. Get Wise Financially–  Financial literacy is not an option.  It’s an obligation and a necessity.  As women, we have opportunities our mothers and grandmothers never had.  We need to stay focused on your finances and plan for a secure future. We need to teach our daughters about financial wellness. It’s never too late to give your financial plan a tune up.


We are here for you!

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Written by: Robin Fox, RHU, CSA