Your life has changed…has your insurance coverage?

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Change happens. It’s an unavoidable fact of life. And while many dread it, change doesn’t always have to be a negative thing. Some of the best moments in our life are a result of change:

  • Getting married
  • Buying a new home
  • Having a child

When change happens, you have to adjust: you change your schedule, you save more and spend less, you make preparations for emergencies. In other words, you look to your current and future needs.

If you’ve already purchased supplemental insurance, you’ve already done this. But like so many things in life, insurance needs change as your life changes. The policy you purchased before the birth of your child may not be enough now that you have someone who depends on you.

A simple annual conversation with a dedicated PFP | The Family Security Plan® representative can ensure that all your insurance needs are met – even as your life changes. Call us today to make sure your future remains secure.

Written by Sarah Way

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