If they need you, you need The Family Security Plan

Mom and Daughter WinterIf they need you . . . Who are we referring to? Children. Grandchildren. Parents. Spouse. The people in your life that depend on you!

Let’s narrow the focus to our children . . .

Children depend on us for more than just the physiological; we are responsible for instilling self-esteem, comforting them with feelings of love, providing a safe, healthy environment and teaching them life lessons, their ABCs, and to look both ways before crossing the street.

As our children grow, their primary needs stay the same but with slight modification. By now, they have mastered their ABCs and the need for education has taken on a different form. We are responsible for assisting them in the pursuit of higher education, introducing financial responsibility and guiding them toward independence.

Think about the people in your life right now. In what ways do they rely on you?

. . . you need PFP | The Family Security Plan®. Why? Having others rely on you is a great responsibility and you work hard ensure their needs are met. But what if something was to happen and you were no longer able to provide?

PFP | The Family Security Plan® prepares families by providing protection from the financial hardships that are brought on by the unexpected in life. If you are no longer able to provide for those who depend on you, whether it be an unforeseen illness, injury or premature death, PFP | The Family Security Plan® will be there.

We believe in being here for you!

Let us help provide peace of mind for your family. For more information about PFP | The Family Security Plan® and our portfolio of supplemental insurance products, visit our product page or call 855-789-4976 to speak with a dedicated PFP | The Family Security Plan® Representative.

Written by Amanda Keefe