Why Half Birthdays Are Important

Who doesn’t love a celebration? Birthdays are too fun to only celebrate once per year, so why not celebrate twice…on your half birthday!

You may be thinking to yourself, why would I do that?

Well for starters, your birthday could fall on an unfortunate day of the year, say a major holiday. If your birthday is often overshadowed by that holiday, then it’s time to embrace your half birthday! Do you share your birthday with someone else? Use your half birthday to be all about you. Maybe your birthday falls in winter and you’ve always wanted to celebrate in the summer, well it’s time to throw that pool party! Or maybe you just like an excuse to eat cake. Whatever the reason, jump on the half birthday bandwagon!

There are so many great things about your half birthday.

Let’s go back to talking about cake. Who doesn’t love cake!? Your half birthday is the perfect excuse to indulge on dessert without the regret. It’s also a great time to round up your closest friends for an impromptu get together. Wine, dine, see a movie… have a relaxing evening with your favorite people. Most importantly, your half birthday is a day to be all about you. How often do many of us find the time to do that?

Use your half birthday as an important time to think ahead on certain items.

Your driver’s license could be renewing this year and who wants to spend their birthday at the DMV? Take care of it early. Now is also a good time to look at your insurance policy. Insurance policy rates are based on your date of birth. Make any important changes or add a policy in the coming months before your real birthday hits!

So get out there and celebrate your half birthday! Make today about you!

Written by Kristina Wendell

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