Graduation Day! Honoring One Mom’s Great Decision!

african male university graduate

It was a tremendous day in May 2010 when Darryl graduated from High School.  As his mother cried tears of joy, she was even more thrilled to imagine that her son was going to college next year.  Darryl was the first person in her family to get into a school and attend.  It was a huge commitment for both of them.  Darryl was a very good student and sacrificed time with his friends to get his schoolwork done.  He was well-respected by his teachers and was ready for the next step.

The transition from high school to college was not easy.  There were academic challenges to meet and social pressures to manage.  Again, with the discipline he learned in high school, Darryl would not falter.  He spent time in the library and with study groups to make sure he was prepared for class.

His mother also had struggles that she was rising above.  Even though the cost of college was mounting, she had prepared, saved and was paying on time. Although Darryl had assumed some college loans, there were always more costs to college.  The loans did not cover everything.  She had thousands of dollars in the bank and was using it wisely each semester.

The summer after Darryl’s sophomore year was devastating as his mother unexpectedly passed away.  Without his mother as the matriarch, Darryl was on his own to deal with the estate.  The uncovered medical bills, the funeral bills and the pending education costs far outweighed the savings remaining in the credit union.  However, Darryl’s mom had a life insurance policy she purchased at her job one day when the credit union representative came by and discussed the benefits available to her, including PFP | The Family Security Plan®.

She had $75,000 in life insurance so Darryl called PFP | The Family Security Plan® and filed a claim.  Soon after her passing, the check was delivered to Darryl.  He was able to pay off the bills and have enough money to finish his Junior and Senior year of college without collecting more debt.  He graduates in May 2014 and has his first job ready for him to begin a few weeks following the ceremonies.

Thankfully, his mother had life insurance.  Thanks to her credit union, who visited her place of business that day so many years ago with a PFP | The Family Security Plan® Representative who spoke to her about the benefits available through her credit union, including insurance, Darryl was able to continue to pursue his dreams.

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Written By: David J. Sussman Esq. CLU