Every Story Has a Hero

Have you seen Disney’s Academy Award winning movie, “Frozen”? Our favorite heroine, Anna embarks on the journey of her life to rescue her sister. The path up the frozen mountain was nothing less than treacherous; however, Anna refuses to give up. Her sister’s life was more important than her own struggles. I will not spoil the ending of the movie for those who have not yet seen it; however, the moral of my story is . . . Every story has a hero.

Every story has a hero. In this story, you will meet an unlikely hero . . .

ImageMike was no stranger to PFP | The Family Security Plan®. As a supervisor at the School Safety Division of the New York Police Department, he realized the importance of protecting his wife and three young children with a life insurance policy and enrolled at an open enrollment session at Headquarters.

Chris, a PFP | The Family Security Plan® Representative, was no stranger to his station; each visit to Headquarters, he and Mike would share laughs, stories of their families and celebrate in the Yankees’ recent victories.

Although Chris encouraged Mike to look into PFP | The Family Security Plan®’s Critical Illness Policy, he was not easily convinced of the benefit. He was young and healthy. There was no history of illness in is family. It would just not happen to him. It was the trusting relationship that he and Chris had developed that led him to add Critical Illness to his portfolio of PFP | The Family Security Plan® products.

Thirty-seven days later, Mike had a stroke.

Recovery was lengthy; nine months to be exact. The $58,000 Mike was able to collect as a benefit of the Critical Illness Policy from PFP | The Family Security Plan® allowed he and his family to recover worry free.

Let’s go back to the initial premise: Every story has a hero. You may be thinking that PFP | The Family Security Plan® is the hero. You may even be thinking that the Representative that sold the policy is the hero. All of the above assertions have truth to them, but in our story, Mike is our hero.

Upon returning to work, Mike slowly began to resume his daily duties. On the top of his priority list was ensuring that his fellow employees, and those to come, would be educated on the benefits of PFP | The Family Security Plan®. Soon after his return, Mike arranged for Chris to attend all of his new hire meetings, shared his story, and ensured that his fellow NYPD officers had an opportunity to protect themselves and their families.

That is the definition of a hero . . .

We Can Help You and Your Family:

You are worth protecting! Let PFP | The Family Security Plan® help protect you and your family. Our Critical Illness Insurance provides a lump sum cash benefit paid directly to you upon the first diagnosis of a covered critical illness. Upon diagnosis, we send a check directly to you. You can use your cash benefit however you choose. To help with everyday living expenses, pay out-of-pocket medical costs or replace lost income. Your benefit is paid in full regardless of any other insurance you may have.

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Written By: Amanda Keefe