As credit unions have evolved over the past several years to implement a sales culture and an achievement-oriented philosophy with staff, cross-selling and referrals have become standard expectation among credit union teams.

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Communicating with members face-to-face, and giving them a value-added reason to do so is a critical part of increasing revenue and deepening the wallet share relationship. PFP integrates The Family Security Plan® program into your credit union’s product platform with the Sweepstakes & Review.

  • Members are introduced or directed to PFP Representatives to give them an opportunity to enter the sweepstakes using our enrollment tablets.

  • The sweepstakes is a monthly ($150) or bi-monthly ($300) VISA gift card reward for one lucky member of your credit union, sponsored by The Family Security Plan®. It provides a perfect “conversation starter,” and will generate member interest and achieve results whether introduced in the branch network, at business development, member enrollments or while servicing a member over the phone (tele-transfer option).

  • The Sweepstakes & Review requires no purchase, and any credit union member or potential member, 18 years of age or older, can enter and win.

  • Members are offered the opportunity to learn about and purchase The Family Security Plan®‘s unique voluntary insurance benefit offering.

  • Additional credit union loan products can be cross sold by the PFP Representative.