The FSP Foundation partnered with the African American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) to create Project Boost4U, which delivers education and awareness to communities by promoting empowerment through easily accessible resources to help build a better tomorrow.

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Project Boost4U in the News

The FSP Foundation Announces Harold Holmes as the National Director of Project Boost4U

ORANGE, CT – Harold Holmes has been named National Director of Project Boost4U. Harold has traversed a parallel path as one of the original members of the African American Credit Union Coalition and a recipient of the Pete Crear Lifetime Achievement Award. Harold is also a Senior Vice President of PFP | The Family Security Plan.  When asked how he feels about the partnership, he responded: “This opportunity is a culmination of 35 years of service to our industry.  I am humbled by the magnitude of what we will accomplish together.”

On August 8, 2019, the AACUC and FSP Foundation (PFP | The Family Security Plan’s not-for-profit entity) announced a new partnership called Project Boost4U at the AACUC’s 21st Annual Conference that was held in Charlotte, North Carolina. Project Boost4U will be a comprehensive Digital Community Center filled with relevant, sought-after content on a myriad of subjects, topics and issues targeting the many needs of communities served by credit unions throughout the country. Subject matter experts identified throughout the country from credit unions and/or related professions will be showcased in blogs, vlogs, info graphics, podcasts, live-streamed webinars and postings from various social media platforms. Each participating AACUC member credit union will have access to the content and marketing assistance to disseminate it as needed and as desired.

112 million Americans entrust their financial well-being to credit unions, and 50% of those institutions are classified by the NCUA as serving low-income communities. Regardless of their demographics, however, every institution throughout the country is now faced with the growing need to educate, inform, advise and assist an increasingly diverse membership base,” stated Adrian Johnson, AACUC’s Board Chairman.

Both Chairman Johnson and David Sussman, CEO of PFP, agree that it is important to provide value not only to credit union leaders and executives within each institution but to their membership as well. This partnership which launched Project Boost4U will help propel the AACUC and FSB into the next generation of the credit union movement.

The initial model credit unions for Project Boost4U will be launched in January 2020. If you are interested in receiving more information or wish to learn more about Project Boost4U, please email Megan Howard at or visit our website and connect with us at